There are many companies in this world but Ragebreed have certainly turned a few heads globally recently.  This brand is probably one of the most talked about companies internationally.  New signings such as Incognito Theory (their album is being produced by Steve Zing from Danzig) Rough 'N' Rude, Self Imposed Exile, Ancient Sins, Mindlapse and Lake Of Dreams are all signed to Ragebreed Records.   


Ragebreed have made a mark on the rock and metal scene.  We are like marmite, you either love us or hate us and if you love us, we will cherish our customers, brands, bands, fans and followers and if you hate us, you don't matter to us in a nutshell.  Everything we do is driven from passion and we only have people onboard that are genuine music fans and have a mentality to help and support each other like a metal family - Karina Sher, CEO of Ragebreed

So what is unique about Ragebreed?

  • 1.       They promote hard and have many different groups and pages around the world which increases their reaches.

  • 2.       They are genuine fans of the music and cover from underground to mainstream music through their label, TV channel on YouTube, radio and magazine not to mention being quite popular via social media.

  • 3.       Whether you like them or hate them, Ragebreed is being talked about and the owner Karina Sher has some balls opening a Ragebreed Against Bullying page to iron out the defamation rumours and saying a big *fuck you* to trolls and haters.  How metal is that?  She also helps other targets of bullying, harassment, domestic abuse, and teaching people to do no harm but take no shit.  She believes it is not right that people are able to get away with covert bullying or social bullying and tells us that since the ages of social media, it takes people of influence to spread lies and before you know it you are being tarnished.  She says this page is a platform to create justice when things have spiralled out of control.  "The correct way to resolve any dispute is via e-mail using our dispute process but most of the time, trolls enjoy bringing you down.  You must choose your battles wisely otherwise you would be wasting time on defending yourself from everyone but the real troublemakers of the scene, well they will be exposed."

  • 4.       The brand has been around since 1996 creating opportunities for bands around the globe and even invested in a tour to help Candlelight bands whilst supporting underground talent. 

  • 5.       For people who have no experience in music business, Karina offers training so people can make commissions of sales as independent affiliates/contractors. She is currently looking into a new affiliate marketing program.  She also says that some people help as a hobby part time and some event staff are paid by the hour like the club DJs and door people.  She says primarily Ragebreed is a part time performance-based business operated from passion and heart. There are free and paid for services and products on offer to suit any budget or even zero budget. 

  • 6.      The label does not charge bands monthly.  In fact as a performance based business, every band is on a 80% to the band and 20% to the label scheme where both work as partners and minimise risk to the band and business.  They cater for different requirements and cater the contract to suit both parties.  Karina says as a musician herself it's important that the majority of pay from their products go to the artist.  "When businesses and bands work together it creates a great family feeling and atmosphere and there is a lot of love and support all round.  We want to see results from both ends."   

  • 7.      Ragebreed also do promotions and have put on various events since 1996 working from bands nationally and internationally from A to E list bands.  Their festival Ragefest is a great indoor festival, bands can submit by following the process at on the submit my band tab. They also hold Ragebreed Live Events and Ragebreed Club Nights.  The brand is much celebrated around the world from alternatives, rockers, metalheads and goths.  

  • 8.     Karina is an important brand ambassador for the business and models for the affiliates as her pictures and videos seem to be the most celebrated on social media.  That and having brands such as Ragebreed Girls and Ragebreed Warriors who wear merch for free for bands to help give bands that extra support during the Covid pandemic.  She also says everyone can model a band they like on her new brand Babes In Band Tops and she named it this as a group had deleted her for having a voice and speaking out against prejudices for a group owner asking the moderators to ban any "babes in band top" posts because a man was being disrespectful towards a model.  In her opinion they should have banned the man who was being disrespectful as she feels all people should be treated the same however they dress, whether it is sexy, reserved, casual or outside the box.  "Rock and metal has always been about self expression with no barriers, it stems from classic rock bands where sexy women are celebrated."   

  • She feels that if you can accept women in a bikini on the beach then you should have no issue with bra and knickers shots.  However this caused a lot of controversial debates, she says in this moderator group it was said that many groups were going to delete "babes in band tops".  Another group were only deleting posts made by Ragebreed Girls stating "she was too hot, she made me feel bad" as an excuse to remove the post.  Karina fought back, exposing what was happening, she tried to reason with the group owners and instead they deleted and blocked her from the groups followed by covert and open cyber bullying and groups and pages set up against her.  She defended her friend who they were removing posts by and instead of supporting her, her friend ganged up against her instead and joined a hater group and started a boycott.  Karina says the treatment she has received from these people has been absolutely abhorrent.  "Rock and metal have never had such narrow minded and backward opinions.  We are meant to be open minded and accepting." So, she started this brand "Babes In Band Tops" to make a point.  "Any woman should be able to wear a band top in whatever style she chooses without being banned or judged for it. Ragebreed stands up for women and is 100% onboard with human and equal rights." 

  • 9.      They also have great other branches such as Ragebreed Entertainment Hub and Ragebreed - Mind, Body & Spirit on top of plans of a dating site and app for alternatives called Love & Lust and courses in the pipeline.  She says "Ragebreed are a brand that is a world hub for alternative people and we are entertainers so we have status and social media presence and our goal is to work with other brands and bands and rise together because that is what metal family is all about.  I am old school, it's about respect at the end of the day.  Do no harm, take no shit, I stand up for myself and others because there needs to be someone who is a spokesperson these days against wrong doing."

  • She certainly does that and have given men and women a voice to stand up against bullying.  She says it is better to resolve issues but abusive people that are not sorry about how they treat you just need to be cut from your life.  "I am the kind of person that if you accomplish something, I am happy for you, I don't do competition, I just live out my dreams and people will either support me or they won't but it won't stop me doing what I am doing because I love what I do whether it's Ragebreed, Mindlapse, Lake Of Dreams and the various other projects I have got going on.  No one should be telling you what you can and cannot do.  Your life is there to live it, dream big and go for it!"

  • 10.  Ragebreed Positive Reviews has gone viral, so many people in the business and bands internationally have given Ragebreed praise including David Ingram from Benediction and Gary Lee Conner from Screaming Trees.  Tony Dolan from Venom Inc has even said "support live music, support Ragebreed" in an interview backstage at Bloodstock in 2019.  Ragebreed have the full support from the underground with a vast amount of affiliates from small groups to large blue chip companies, it's no wonder they are making waves in the rock and metal world. 

In short, Ragebreed are one of the best companies around today if you are looking for a company that cares about their customers, bands, affiliates and their followers.  Karina frequently thanks her staff, her affiliates and the cross promotion is present from her pages and groups. They have quality services and products and have a step by step dispute process that has resolved any issues for those willing to resolve.  In conclusion, Ragebreed are here to stay and the future of alternative, rock, metal and the underground. 
Join the Ragebreed family and sign as a member from, buy something from their online store and check out Karina's site and subscribe at